Our unique style of wedding photography is deeply rooted in wedding photojournalism with a focus on natural emotion and expressive imagery. We constantly experiment with new tools and techniques and blend various photography styles to challenge our creativity and tell compelling stories. 


Below are examples of each of our photography styles and the specific areas of focus which makes our wedding photography unique. Our typical approach combines elements of each style, adjusted for factors like the location, lighting, and client preferences. 

Our Signature Style

Our Signature Style is high definition, vibrant, crisp, and clean. Skin tones are accurate and the natural colors of the scene “pop,” giving the image a beautiful, timeless aesthetic. 

Our Romantic Style

Our Romantic Style can be described as soft and whimsical, taking advantage of the beautiful light available during golden hour. This style is perfect for scenes in nature and rustic wedding venues. 

Our Creative Style

Our Creative Style incorporates advanced camera and flash techniques used to create compelling and creative effects. Always in search of reflections, silhouettes, foregrounds and  perfect symmetry, you’ll see our photographers sneaking behind objects, shooting off mirrors, and finding different perspectives.  Whatever it takes to get the shot!  The idea is to turn ordinary into extraordinary through finding the interest of the composition in a scene that the average eye may not notice.

Our Creative Style also applies to our Night Time Photography. For these shots, we again use advanced camera and lighting techniques to create interesting and dramatic effects.  

Our Photojournalistic Style

Wedding Photojournalism takes awareness of surroundings, knowledge of human tendencies, and patience. Each image we take serves a purpose, captures emotion and tells a story. We’re always paying close attention to the environment, listening in on conversations and anticipating that smile, laugh, tear, or hug. We have our crop in mind, our lighting set up perfectly, and we’re waiting for that expression, always  placing ourselves in the right place at the right time. 

Macona's Area of Focus

Focus on Family

We understand that weddings are more than just unions between two individuals, they are unions of two families.   

To celebrate family, we ensure that we devote proper time and attention to the family members. This manifests itself with beautiful emotional moments like the ones below: